Linde New Forklift

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Linde New Forklift

Founded in 1879, the German manufacturer of Linde forklifts is a world leader in forklifts, with annual sales of roughly 100,000 units. The company is known for the quality, durability, performance, ergonomics and low energy consumption of its products as well as for its ongoing innovation and environmental protection efforts.

Compared with competing brands, Linde forklifts offer the lowest operating and maintenance costs. Linde offers a vast selection of top-of-the-line equipment in most forklift categories as well as other warehouse handling equipment. Linde’s North American head office is located in South Carolina, where a number of the models sold on the continent are built. Other models are assembled in various Linde plants in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Linde maintains a full inventory of parts at all times at its South Carolina plant. Its research and development facility in Germany employs over 300 full-time employees, and the company holds over 2,500 patents.

The technology and quality of Linde products ensures optimum productivity, and the lowest operating and maintenance costs in the industry. Linde forklifts are designed to meet operator needs, and ensure a pleasant, functional and productive work environment.